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Steve Saka has become one of the most recognized names in the entire tobacco industry, and it's refreshing to say that it's not because of a tacky gimmick, or elaborate product packaging, or an overly boisterous charismatic personality (although he is indeed quite charming). Rather, Saka has won the respect of smokers and critics everywhere because the man knows cigars. I mean, REALLY knows cigars. As the creator of Liga Privada, he already has plenty to be proud of, but part of what makes Steve Saka so eminent is his passion and inherent understanding of tobacco, and his relentless desire to continuously create and release great cigars that any aficionado would be impressed by and proud of. It's a mission with no real finish line to speak of, but he is more than happy to be a part of the ride.

In 2015, Saka realized a lifelong dream by establishing Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust. Prior to this, Saka first spent four years as an executive consultant for Lew Rothman (formerly the owner of JR Cigar), and then proceeded to serve as President and eventually CEO of the formidable Drew Estate from 2005 until 2013. It was here where Steve Saka truly became recognized as a master of his craft, and a big part of that was the result of Steve's admirable integrity. Although Drew Estate was doing more than just fine upon his arrival, Saka felt that their catalog at the time didn't offer anything that he himself would thoroughly enjoy smoking, and set out to utilize the materials at his disposal to bring forth a blend that would then become one of the most acclaimed and revered premium cigars ever since - Liga Privada. Originally made solely for Saka, it didn't take long before everyone practically demanded that this groundbreaking cornucopia of flavor make its way to the public market. And it did. Permanently.

With Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, Steve Saka has what he's always wanted - the ability to craft cigars without any compromises. As a committed master blender with the highest of expectations, Saka proudly demands exact standards to be honored at all times, with no corners cut and little room for error. It would have been incredibly easy for someone to stay at a cushy gig that requires little more than showing up and making sure numbers are being met, but that's not Steve Saka's school of thought. He WANTS to be involved in every nook and cranny. He WANTS to experiment with and tweak the same pre-release blend over and over and over again until heads are spinning. And he WANTS smokers all over the world to seek out his product, knowing it will deliver in every aspect, every time. Beginning with the Sobremesa in 2015, and then soon birthing the likes of the boldly rich Mi Querida, the delectably complex Muestra de Saka, and the exponentially spicy Todos Las Dias, it's clear that Steve Saka and Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust are a cigar snob's marriage made in heaven. It's not just a job. It's not just an industry. It's a lifestyle.

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