Smoke with Us, 6-Cigar Monthly Subscription Sampler

Smoke with Us, 6-Cigar Monthly Subscription Sampler
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Smoke with Us, 6-Cigar Monthly Subscription Sampler
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Questions & Answers
Richard Mills  Is it possible to add on to the shipment to hit the over $99 mark for free shipping? If so, what is the process? Thank you, so glad I have found this site!
Posted 6/26/2022   
  •  Richard, yes, it is possible. Please email for additional information.
    Replied 6/28/2022  
  • (optional)
Frank Rieber  Are the cards that come with the sampler the same as the staff reviews on the website?
Posted 6/16/2022   
  •  They are the same, but are sometimes edited if the review on the website contains more text than will fit properly on the cards.
    Replied 6/18/2022  
  • (optional)
Brandon  Has this months sampler gone out yet?
Posted 6/14/2022   
  •  Not just yet, but it will very shortly!
    Replied 6/15/2022  
  • (optional)
Alex Sabina  Can I pick up in store instead of paying for shipping?
Posted 6/7/2022   
  •  Absolutely, you can select in-store pick up for this item.
    Replied 6/7/2022  
  • (optional)
J.P Curran  NOT A QUESTION BUT This is the best sampler out there. I love the staff selections and the presentation is 10/10. Last month my smokes came in a free box which was cool (hope that's a regular thing) Neptune on top as always!
Posted 5/30/2022   
  • (optional)
William Freeman  Has this month sampler gone out for this month? About to go on a trip and love to take them with me.
Posted 4/18/2022   
  •  William, we expect them to ship out either today or tomorrow. Cheers!
    Replied 4/18/2022  
  • (optional)
Jim Scarlata  Is the sampler made up of toro or larger size typically?
Posted 3/23/2022   
  •  The samplers contain cigars of various sizes which change from sampler to sampler as well.
    Replied 3/24/2022  
  • (optional)
Irfan  Hello, how much does shipping typically cost to UK
Posted 3/1/2022   
  •  For the smoke with us sampler the postage fee would be $15.
    Replied 3/1/2022  
  • (optional)
William Freeman  What was last months selections (Any hints lol)
Posted 2/15/2022   
  •  The January release contained 1 each of: La Aroma de Cuba, La Flor Dominicana Double Press, Illusione 88, Flor de las Antillas Maduro, La Mission L'atelier 1989, and Warzone
    Replied 2/16/2022  
  • (optional)
Frank White  What does the shipping run on this monthly subscription?
Posted 1/31/2022   
  • Moe Afyouni  The subscriptions are send out between the second and third week of the month.
    Replied 1/31/2022  
  •  Shipping cost runs about $7.25 to most addresses within the contiguous United States.
    Replied 1/31/2022  
  • Randy Dark  So it will be plus shipping every month?
    Replied 2/24/2022  
  •  Yes, that is correct.
    Replied 2/25/2022  
  • (optional)
Alejandro Campos  What are the most common brands?
Posted 11/19/2021   
  •  The cigars will be different every month.
    Replied 11/20/2021  
  • (optional)
Lee  If I subscribe do I pay shipping or do I just pay $35 flat rate?
Posted 7/23/2021   
  •  $35.00 Plus shipping
    Replied 7/23/2021  
  • (optional)
John Schneider   Do we earn points for each of the monthly subscriptions?
Posted 4/8/2021   
  •  Yes, you will!
    Replied 4/9/2021  
  • Morimitsu Fujii  I would like to subscribe to these. If I buy other cigars at a slightly off time, can I comment to have them packaged together? I'm from overseas and want to save on shipping costs. I'd like to save on shipping costs since I'm from overseas, and I don't mind if that causes a delay in shipping.
    Replied 5/5/2021  
  • Morimitsu Fujii  Sorry, this was the wrong field.
    Replied 5/5/2021  
  •  Hi Morimitsu, please email us at and we'll see how we can help.
    Replied 5/5/2021  
  • (optional)
John Nipe  I ordered this on Nov 10 and received that order, Since I used smoke rings to start subscription, I'm not sure if it will be ongoing. Please advise.
Posted 12/9/2020   
  •  Yes, it is an ongoing subscription. We are preparing to ship the December box this week. You will get confirmation via email. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
    Replied 12/10/2020  
  • (optional)
Michael Trennemo  God morning. How much will the shipping cost be to sweden on one sampler pack ?
Posted 11/6/2020   
  •  Hello and good morning... typically shipping would run $44.00 - $61.00 to Sweden depending on the service you select.
    Replied 11/6/2020  
  • (optional)
dan curry  Will we be notified when this ships? Are they going out this week?
Posted 11/3/2020   
  •  If you have purchased this subscription you can expect tracking details to be emailed in 2-3 business days.
    Replied 11/4/2020  
  • (optional)

Our weekly staff picks are a favorite among our customers and now you can subscribe to receive a monthly sampler with a selection of the cigars picked by our expert staff! For $35 every month plus shipping, you will receive 6 amazing cigars including our staff review, specifications, and pairing suggestions. Samplers ship every month. Embark on a sensory experience curated by our cigar experts! This is a great gift for yourself or your loved ones! 

When do the samplers ship every month?

The monthly subscription sampler containing 6 of our monthly Staff Picks ships between the second and third week of every month.

Will I be charged automatically every month?

Yes, your credit card will be charged every month right before the sampler is ready to ship. You will receive an email confirmation with the order and a second email with your tracking information. If you need to change your credit card on the account, please contact us.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at any time, just email us.

What will I receive with my subscription?

You will receive 6 cigars curated by our Neptune staff, with a value well over $35. You will also receive the reviews and pairing suggestion for each of the cigars.

Who is the staff?

The staff that curates the sampler is comprised of our expert tobacconists that work in our brick and mortar stores. We know that this will be an excellent way for you to expand your horizons when it comes to finding new and exciting cigars!

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