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A very strong, full bodied cigar that continues La Flor Dominicana's trend of blending powerful cigars. These Babies are amazing. ...
Price/Single: $6.75-$9.30
Price/Box: $135.00-$185.40
Ligero Cabinet Oscuro is made with the darkest richest Ecuadorian Sumatra wrappers you will ever smoke, almost Maduro but not qui ...
Price/Single: $7.40-$15.05
Price/Box: $75.15-$185.76
After years of aging their estate-grown Ligero Tobaccos, La Flor Dominicana was ready for their first full bodied cigar. The wrap ...
Price/Single: $15.05-$19.30
Price/Box: $75.15-$75.15
La Flor Dominicana is a vertically integrated company that grows their own tobacco in La Canela and manufactures the cigars in th ...
Price/Single: $7.65-$7.65
Price/Box: $153.00-$153.00
La Flor Dominicana Oro line is, according to La Flor Dominicana owner Litto Gomez, a Coronado blend that uses a Nicaraguan Habano ...
Price/Single: $12.70-$12.70
Price/Box: $57.15-$57.15
The combination of Ecuadorian Connecticut-seed wrapper, with our estate-grown Piloto Cubano filler and Nicaraguan binder makes th ...
Price/Single: $7.60-$7.60
La Flor Dominicana Reserva Especial is a medium to full bodied cigar made with USA Broadleaf Connecticut wrapper, estate-grown Pi ...
Price/Single: $6.60-$6.60
Price/Box: $157.68-$157.68
This sister brand to LGC Serie R marries proprietary Nicaraguan tobacco with a dark Capa Oscura wrapper. Artisanal blending makes ...
Price/Single: $5.85-$6.75
Price/Box: $92.50-$107.47
Cigar Master Ernesto Perez-Carrillo Jr. created the La Gloria Cubana Serie R cigars for smokers with a passion for a more full-bo ...
Price/Single: $5.30-$8.55
Price/Box: $11.95-$175.73
La Gloria Cubana Serie R is a brand that has always been at the forefront of the trends. In 1999, they started the whole fat ring ...
Price/Single: $6.49-$7.49
Price/Box: $116.82-$134.82
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