Drew Estate

Drew Estate

Drew Estate is the result of a bond between a close-knit crew of dedicated, fervent cigar enthusiasts. Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel started their cigar business in 1995 in a second-story shop in Manhattan. After working with a couple of cigar manufacturers including Nick Perdomo, they opened up Drew Estate’s first factory in Nicaragua in 1998. They have since developed over 47 different cigar blends.

Introduced at the 1999 RTDA show, Acid was Drew Estate’s first cigar released after they opened their own factory. With this cigar they raised a lot of eyebrows and started an almost cult-like devotion for their brand.

Other brands followed, among them, Natural, Ambrosia, Mayorga, Industrial Press and Subculture. La Vieja Habana, which was their first cigar, was re-launched in 2002 and has quickly become a best seller due to its affordable pricing.

Jonathan Drew spends most of his time in the factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, which is becoming itself a legend. Word is that only a handful of people have ever entered. A sign outside the factory reads “Si no es empleado, no pase”, which translates to “if you are not an employee, do not enter”.

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Great company!