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Acid Blue Cigar (Remi)
The Acid Blue Cigar line holds within it the cigars most widely desired by Acid aficionados. Names like Kuba Kuba, Blondie,...

Price/Single: $4.15-$10.35
Price/Box: $70.20-$185.95
Acid One
To be Acid One is to be different. Unlike all of its Acid siblings, Acid One cigar is the only non-aromatic cigar within th...

Price/Single: $7.75-$7.75
Price/Box: $144.95-$144.95
Acid Purple (Juggernaut)
The Acid Purple Cigars Juggernaut line is banded with a distinctive metallic purple band. The cigars in this line are made of toba...

Price/Single: $10.10-$11.90
Price/Box: $70.20-$99.95
Acid Red
Acid Red Cigars are potent concoctions of ripe black tobaccos with unbridled infusion oil-laced recipes that are not for the timid...

Price/Single: $5.95-$7.75
Price/Box: $70.20-$136.25
Acid Subculture
For many years, Drew Estate has been making "Subculture" cigars exclusively for specific retailers across the United States. With ...

Price/Single: $7.75-$7.75
Price/Box: $119.95-$144.95
Acid Yellow (Holistic)
Every cigar in the Acid Holistic line is a carefully measured, distinct blend of the finest cigar tobaccos touched with the softes...

Price/Single: $5.95-$7.75
Price/Box: $70.20-$144.75
Ambrosia cigars are made of tobacco infused with a mix of delicate spices that gives the cigar the aroma of pipe ...

Price/Single: $5.95-$7.95
Price/Box: $70.20-$149.95
CAO Flavours Bella Vanilla
Bella Vanilla contains vanilla beans from Madagascar, prized as the best in the world. To make this cigar, a mild blend of Dominic...

Price/Single: $3.00-$6.20
Price/Box: $38.20-$80.68
CAO Flavours Caramelo Joe
The CAO Caramelo Joe latest addition to the CAO Flavours line is a creamy Cameroon wrapped cigar with natural flavors of co...

Price/Single: $2.70-$5.65
Price/Box: $38.20-$73.48
CAO Flavours Cherrybomb
Let Cherrybomb awaken your palate with an enticing blend of cherry and black currant extracts, mellowed by creamy vanilla g...

Price/Single: $3.00-$4.05
Price/Box: $38.20-$65.75
CAO Flavours Earth Nectar
The CAO Flavours Earth Nectar pays homage to Mother Earth and the rich soil of Italy's cherished Tuscany. An all-natural blend of ...

Price/Single: $4.05-$4.05
Price/Box: $65.75-$65.75
CAO Flavours Eileen's Dream
Eileen's Dream is a combination of Irish cream and white chocolate truffles. The Irish cream is made from superior Irish whiskey, ...

Price/Single: $3.00-$6.20
Price/Box: $38.20-$80.68
CAO Flavours Gold Honey
CAO Gold Honey distills the essence of the highest quality orange blossom honey from Florida. The floral honey is complimen...

Price/Single: $4.05-$4.05
Price/Box: $65.75-$65.75
CAO Flavours Moontrance
Moontrance is an intricate blend of natural exotic fruit and bourbon vanilla. Renowned for its caramel-like sweetness, bour...

Price/Single: $3.00-$6.20
Price/Box: $38.20-$80.68
The Heavenly Cigar Company started in 2001 in a tiny office with a $20 phone from Walmart and an inventory room that moonlighted a...

Price/Single: $2.75-$3.40
Price/Box: $44.95-$55.95
Java Latte
Rocky Patel's Java Latte cigars are made by flavored cigar giant Drew Estate using an infusion of cocoa and espresso coffee beans ...

Price/Single: $6.65-$8.45
Price/Box: $151.20-$189.24
Drew Estate pioneered the art of blending culturaly diverse tobaccos from around the globe. With Natural, this art is called 'Gour...

Price/Single: $3.80-$14.95
Price/Box: $94.95-$131.95
Tabak Especial Dulce
Drew Estate, famous for its best-selling flavor infused cigars such as ACID, Natural, and Kahlua, has launched Tabak Especial Coff...

Price/Single: $4.35-$7.40
Price/Box: $74.95-$128.95
Tabak Especial Negra
Drew Estate, famous for its best-selling flavor infused cigars such as ACID, Natural, and Kahlua, has launched Tabak Especial Coff...

Price/Single: $5.85-$7.40
Price/Box: $74.95-$134.95
Tatiana cigars are handmade in the Dominican Republic using only high quality Dominican tobaccos and Indonesian wrapper. Tatiana c...

Price/Box: $44.95-$76.95
Trader Jack's
Trader Jack's cigars are satisfying vanilla rum flavored cigars at under $1.50 a stick. Need we say more?

Price/Single: $1.50-$1.50
Price/Box: $23.95-$23.95
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