Medium-Full Cigars

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The Arturo Fuente Hemingway Maduro production is limited as only the best torcedores have learned to make this traditional Cuban ...
Price/Single: $7.00-$24.00
Price/Box: $131.95-$600.00
The Arturo Fuente Sun Grown series are rolled by hand with an Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper especially cultivated for Arturo Fuent ...
Price/Single: $5.00-$9.00
Price/Box: $86.95-$199.95
Asylum is the brainchild of Kevin Baxter (formerly of Outlaw cigars) and Tom Lazuka in collaboration with Christian Eiroa, creato ...
Price/Single: $4.80-$8.30
Price/Box: $188.95-$269.95
The Asylum Premium line of cigars is blended by Christian Eiroa of CLE and offers a medium to full bodied cigar that is full flav ...
Price/Single: $4.35-$4.35
Price/Box: $101.95-$101.95
Asylum Straight Jacket is a limited production Nicaraguan Puro blended by Christian Eiroa and Toma Lazuka (Fabricas Unidas) to be ...
Price/Single: $8.25-$10.95
Price/Box: $80.95-$107.95
This fuller bodied version of the classic AVO is also a more affordable smoke. This cigar displays the excellent quality we've co ...
Price/Single: $7.30-$9.80
Price/Box: $127.80-$175.95
Brick House Cigars are a flavorful handmade Nicaraguan puro created by third-generation cigar makers, Eric and Bobby Newman to re ...
Price/Single: $5.15-$6.35
Price/Box: $111.38-$138.38
Cain Daytona is the latest release from Studio Tobac. The Daytona stays true to its Cain roots by being a "Straight Ligero" cigar ...
Price/Single: $5.50-$7.40
Price/Box: $114.95-$145.95
Camacho Blackout is a limited edition cigar released by Davidoff in 2013 with a 2006 vintage Honduran wrapper from the top primin ...
Price/Single: $11.00-$12.50
Price/Box: $197.95-$197.95
The Camacho Corojo, a truly superb tasting and fully aged cigar, has a distinctive flavor recognized by cigar aficionados around ...
Price/Single: $6.30-$7.45
Price/Box: $57.95-$134.95
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