CAO Gold Vintage

The CAO Gold Vintage, released in 2009, is the "creme de la creme" of smooth, medium bodied cigars by CAO. The CAO Gold Vintage was blended to be enjoyed by every palate from the novice smoker to the seasoned aficionado.
Origin Nicaragua
Wrapper Color Natural
Wrapper Ecuadorian
Binder Nicaragua
Filler Honduras, Nicaragua
Rolled By Handmade
Manufacturer General Cigars/ST Group
Perfecto, Mild-Medium, Natural, from Nicaragua
CAO Gold Vintage Bouchon 47/8 * 60
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About: CAO Gold Vintage Bouchon 4"7/8 * 60
Well here I am visiting CAO again and this time its the Gold Vintage Perfecto. Made with the same blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers as the Gold series but with a ten year old Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. Measuring 4 7/8" x60 this is a nice looking cigar. The wrapper was very smooth with a slight sheen to it and smelled of nothing but sweet tobacco. It felt springy but not soft. I took 1/2" off the end with my cutter which may sound like a lot but I've learned not to cut short with torpedoes and their like or they may not draw properly. The draw on this one was perfect and the taste was earthy with just a hint of sweetness on the first intake.# I lit it with a soft flame so as not to scorch the end and it was soon gushing out smoke, in fact this was the smokiest cigar I've had so far. The smoke was mild, smooth and creamy and tasted of roast almonds. The burn was initially very good but the ash got a bit flakey and uneven through the middle. The flavour changed very little until the final third when a little astringency developed but no trace of any pepper. I would buy this again.