Asylum 13 Corojo

Asylum 13 Corojo is an All Honduran blend with a Corojo wrapper grown in the Jamastran Valley in Honduras by the Eiroa family. Asylum 13 is know for affordable, delicious, super sized cigars in 60, 70 and 80 ring, although they also make a 50 ring cigar. 
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    CLE Cigar Company
Giant, Full, Natural, from Honduras
Asylum 13 Corojo Eighty 6 * 80
Box of 30$276.00
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The Asylum Cigars LockJaw 7 Cigar pack contains 7 Asylum Cigars in gigantic sizes (Asylum 13 70 x 7, Asylum 13 80 x 6, Asylum 13 Corojo 70 x 7, Asylum 13 Corojo 80 x 6, Asylum Straight Jacket 70 x 7, Asylum Schizo 70 x 7 and the Asylum Ogre). 
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About: Asylum 13 Corojo Eighty 6" * 80
I’ve been smoking cigars for over forty years. That doesn’t, necessarily, make me an expert, but it gives you an idea of how many thousands of cigars I’ve smoked in my lifetime. I’m a firm believer that the length of the cigar should be in the following proportions to its ring: a 60 ring should be at LEAST 6 inches long, preferably longer; a 70 ring cigar should be at LEAST 7 inches long, preferably longer, and so on. So, in the case of this cigar, it should be at least 8 inches long, preferably longer. If the cigar is shorter than the above proportions, the flavour doesn’t fully develop. It’s rather like good red wine: if the wine is not aerated, the notes don’t fully develop. For several decades, I smoked a 95 x 10 (see images). It was, simply, the most satisfying cigar I’ve ever smoked. I experimented with it. For example, I would cut off an inch before lighting; it was not the same cigar. I then tried cutting off two inches before lighting; again, it was not the same cigar – the notes, simply, did not develop. I even tried cutting the cigar in half before lighting; it was a disaster! The smoke was so hot, it burnt my mouth! So, I would strongly urge the manufacturer to increase the length of this, otherwise, very enjoyable cigar. I think that the extra length would only improve its characteristics. I would also urge the manufacturer to make this cigar available in a larger variety of wrapper. This cigar is rated as a medium flavour, verging on full. I would have classified it as medium bodied. What do you think? I'd be interested to read your comments.
About: Asylum 13 Corojo Eighty 6" * 80
Postscript: As beautiful as the box is, perhaps the manufacturer could offer this cigar in bundles, in order to reduce the price a little.
About: Asylum 13 Corojo Eighty 6" * 80
This has to be one of the best cigars on the market; I don't think you'd be disappointed.
About: Asylum 13 LockJaw, 7-Cigar Sampler
I luv the asylum. Lotta comments on the 80 Guage. My new fav cigar. Hooked on asylum
About: Asylum 13 Corojo Eighty 6" * 80
I've smoked over 15,000 cigars in my life. This ranks among the best.