Nicaragua Cigars

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Price/Single: $8.10-$8.55
Price/Box: $152.95-$161.95
One of America’s bestselling bundles, the Flor de Oliva offers an extraordinary value. These handmade long-filler Nicaraguan puro ...
Price/Single: $3.53-$7.57
Price/Box: $39.95-$44.95
This Nicaraguan cigar is wrapped in an Ecuadorian Connecticut shade leaf. It is an exceptional value as it is a great quality, ha ...
Price/Single: $3.99-$3.99
Price/Box: $49.95-$49.95
Flor de Oliva Maduro is a low priced, bundled cigar that is sought after by smokers for its quality. The maduro wrapper is Nicara ...
Price/Box: $50.95-$50.95
Fonseca Nicaragua is a medium to full bodied smoke made with tobaccos from Ometepe, Jalapa and Esteli. These premium cigars are h ...
Price/Single: $4.95-$6.00
Price/Box: $88.95-$107.95
FSG by Drew Estate features Florida Sun Grown tobacco grown in Clermont, Florida. The tobacco is rare so it is included as an acc ...
Price/Single: $10.95-$14.25
Price/Box: $207.95-$270.95
The FTC Time Flies is a cigar born from the collaboration between Foundry Tobacco Co. and AJ Fernandez. These two companies set o ...
Price/Single: $7.20-$8.60
Price/Box: $136.95-$163.95
Price/Single: $5.00-$6.10
Price/Box: $94.95-$115.95
Gilberto Oliva Reserve Blanc is a mild to medium stick with an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. The binder is Ecuadorian and fille ...
Price/Single: $5.50-$6.60
Price/Box: $103.95-$124.95
In 2015, Gurkha releases a more affordable version of their popular line, Gurkha Cellar Reserve. The Platinum version is the firs ...
Price/Single: $8.99-$10.99
Price/Box: $160.00-$197.95
Gurkha's Classic Havana Blend are made under the East India Cigar Company line. The rough wrapper is a San Andreas Mexican maduro ...
Price/Single: $7.55-$9.45
Price/Box: $152.95-$190.95
Gurkha Heritage is an Ecuadorian Habano Rosado wrapped cigar with Nicaraguan binder and fillers from the Dominican Republic, Nica ...
Price/Single: $7.20-$9.00
Price/Box: $169.99-$182.95
Gurkha Heritage Maduro is wrapped with a Mexican San Andres maduro wrapper leaf, and uses a Brazilian Arapiraca binder and filler ...
Price/Single: $8.10-$8.10
Price/Box: $183.99-$183.99
The Gurkha Red Witch cigar is the second cigar released by Gurkha under its subsidiary the East India Trading Company. This relea ...
Price/Single: $5.20-$5.90
Price/Box: $99.95-$116.95
Rogue was released by Gurkha in 2013 under the East India Trading Company brands that include the Wicked Indie and the Red Witch. ...
Price/Single: $5.65-$9.45
Price/Box: $101.95-$169.95
The Wicked Indie Cigar is made by a subsidiary of Gurkha Cigars called the East India Trading Company. The cigar is meant to be a ...
Price/Single: $5.00-$5.05
Price/Box: $213.95-$218.95
This medium bodied, delightful smoke has an earthy sweetness and creamy profile. This version of the storied H. Upmann cigar has ...
Price/Single: $6.55-$6.95
Price/Box: $129.95-$138.95
Drew Estate partnered with Willy Herrera (formerly from El Titan de Bronze in Miami, FL) to create a creamy, flavorful and medium ...
Price/Single: $8.08-$11.50
Price/Box: $103.95-$232.83
Herrera Esteli Norteno is the long awaited release by Drew Estate with master blender Willy Herrera. A sequel of sorts to the pop ...
Price/Single: $9.00-$14.00
Price/Box: $81.95-$210.00
This beautiful cigar by Drew Estate has been blended by Willy Herrera to be sold exclusively by TAA retailers. It comes in just o ...
Price/Single: $12.00-$12.00
Price/Box: $144.00-$144.00
The Hoyo La Amistad by AJ Fernandez is a full bodied revamp of the famous Hoyo de Monterrey brand. AJ Fernandez grew up near the ...
Price/Single: $5.85-$7.20
Price/Box: $77.50-$95.80
Price/Single: $6.30-$7.20
Price/Box: $85.95-$97.95
Ilusione "R" Rothchildes are affordable cigars with great flavor that are packed in cabinet boxes of 50 to keep the price low. Ma ...
Price/Single: $4.95-$8.30
Price/Box: $247.50-$393.75
This Nicaraguan puro by Dion Giolito offers complexity and spice with the sweet quality of Viso Jalapa tobacco and the spicy note ...
Price/Single: $6.40-$9.70
Price/Box: $193.50-$319.50
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