Medium Cigars

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The EP Carrillo Core Plus is a new line extension that builds on the success of Ernesto Perez-Carrillo's original EP Carrillo Cor ...
Price/Single: $7.35-$8.30
Price/Box: $137.95-$155.95
EP Carrillo's Inch Series is a limited production of less than 125,000 cigars in three different vitolas. The Inch Natural is wra ...
Price/Single: $7.00-$10.80
Price/Box: $157.95-$244.95
Since 2010, Ernesto Perez Carrillo releases a very limited production called the EP Carrillo Short Run--only 1500 cigars per size ...
Price/Single: $12.00-$12.00
Price/Box: $107.95-$107.95
From a fresh face in the cigar industry we would like to present Epic Cigars Corojo Reserva. The deliciously colored milk chocola ...
Price/Single: $7.65-$8.10
Price/Box: $135.95-$152.95
The first cigar made in La Zona, Erik Espinosa's new factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, is the Espinosa Habano, a Nicaraguan puro with ...
Price/Single: $6.40-$7.60
Price/Box: $120.95-$144.00
Introduced in the 1970s, Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur Cigars quickly made their mark as super-premium cigars with an appealing pri ...
Price/Single: $6.65-$8.00
Price/Box: $11.30-$121.95
The Excalibur 1066 line, named after King Arthur's sword and the historic Battle of Hastings, boasts a rich Cameroon wrapper, a f ...
Price/Single: $7.05-$7.05
Price/Box: $105.88-$105.88
The Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur Maduro is a medium to full bodied cigar with an excellent construction and sweet Connecticut Broa ...
Price/Single: $6.20-$7.10
Price/Box: $96.04-$111.90
Fernando leon is a very special cigar by La Aurora is a blend that used to be distributed only to friends and family of La Aurora ...
Price/Single: $8.05-$8.75
Price/Box: $134.95-$174.95
The Flor de las Antillas name is a reference to Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean's Antilles. This Nicaraguan puro is box ...
Price/Single: $5.95-$8.20
Price/Box: $19.95-$162.95
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