Honduras Cigars

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The Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 is a dark, medium bodied cigar with hints of wood and citrus. The beautiful Criollo wrapper blends ...
Price/Single: $7.00-$7.15
Price/Box: $104.62-$117.95
This medium to full bodied blend was made to honor and commemorate the Torano family's 50 years of exile from Cuba. The wrapper i ...
Price/Single: $6.65-$12.96
Price/Box: $54.95-$141.95
Packed with soft cool smoke, the Reserva Selecta is mild to medium bodied with notes of sweet cream and cedar, with a long herbal ...
Price/Single: $6.30-$7.50
Price/Box: $122.95-$148.95
The CLE Plus by Christian Eiroa is a full bodied version of CLE made with authentic Corojo tobacco. This Honduran puro is meant t ...
Price/Single: $6.65-$9.35
Price/Box: $155.95-$223.95
The Cuba Aliados Cabinet Selection was launched in 2011 by the Reyes Family who proudly announces this cigar as the first cigar m ...
Price/Single: $6.30-$6.30
Price/Box: $54.95-$111.95
Don Tomas is one of the oldest names in cigars emanating from Honduras. True to its origin, Don Tomas is rich in flavor and herit ...
Price/Single: $4.50-$4.50
Price/Box: $72.35-$72.35
Heritage by Dunhill was launched in 2015 as a modern, full bodied offering for this normally mild to medium bodied line. Heritage ...
Price/Single: $10.15-$12.95
Price/Box: $60.02-$76.82
The EIROA Cigar by Christian Eiroa has a band that says "Salud, Amor y Pesetas", which is an old Spanish saying that means "Hea ...
Price/Single: $8.45-$11.15
Price/Box: $163.95-$217.95
The Eiroa CBT Maduro name comes from the fact that the three parts of the cigar, wrapper, binder, and filler (in Spanish, Capa, B ...
Price/Single: $9.36-$12.36
Price/Box: $164.95-$217.95
Christian Eiroa celebrates his 20 years in the cigar industry with a full bodied Honduran puro called Eiroa The First 20 Years. C ...
Price/Single: $12.00-$14.00
Price/Box: $259.95-$302.95
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