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A box-pressed, medium strength cigar, the Villiger TAA is handmade at Ernesto Perez-Carrillo’s famed Tabacalera Alianza factory i ...
Price/Single: $9.00-$9.00
Price/Box: $180.00-$180.00
The Viva La Vida is a full-bodied, full-strength cigar that is hand crafted by AJ Fernandez in Nicaragua. Its oily, reddish Haban ...
Price/Single: $10.45-$13.80
Price/Box: $51.95-$233.95
Although a relative newcomer in the cigar industry, Warped has wasted no time in establishing a name for themselves. After a plac ...
Price/Single: $7.80-$7.80
Price/Box: $190.95-$190.95
Warped Cigars' founder Kyle Gellis dedicated (and named) this cigar after his father, Don Reynaldo, who was the reason he got int ...
Price/Single: $13.70-$15.50
Price/Box: $134.95-$155.00
It’s time to clear a spot in your humi, because Flor de Valle is super legit. A Nicaraguan binder and core of Corojo ’99 and Crio ...
Price/Single: $12.30-$15.00
Price/Box: $150.00-$232.95
This new release is a collaboration between Warped cigars and Casa Fernandez. This cigar began with a simple premise, to produce ...
Price/Single: $8.50-$8.50
Price/Box: $159.95-$173.95
Spanish for 'The Beehive', La Colmena from Warped Cigars is manufactured at the famed El Titan de Bronze factory in Miami, Florid ...
Price/Single: $13.25-$17.00
Price/Box: $129.95-$170.00
Warped cigars does the industry a great service here by bringing back to life an old Cuban brand. La Hacienda was all but forgott ...
Price/Single: $7.30-$8.50
Price/Box: $171.95-$200.95
Warped founder Kyle Gellis is proud to bring to you one of his brand's most sought after offerings - the Warped Lirio Rojo, a spe ...
Price/Single: $9.00-$10.45
Price/Box: $450.00-$494.95
Destined to be a timeless treasure, Warped Cigars’ Maestro del Tiempo is handmade by Casa Fernandez in Nicaragua. Made of 100% Ag ...
Price/Single: $8.70-$9.35
Price/Box: $205.65-$221.49
To celebrate his 30th birthday, Klye Gellis, owner of Warped Cigars, created the Serie Gran Reserva 1988. A Nicaraguan puro, the ...
Price/Single: $8.55-$8.55
Price/Box: $201.95-$201.95
The Warzone is the long-awaited and first-time collaboration between two cigar-industry giants: General Cigars and Erik Espinosa. ...
Price/Single: $8.10-$8.55
Price/Box: $151.95-$160.95
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