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First made popular in Europe, VegaFina is an exceptionally mild cigar made in the Dominican Republic by Altadis USA. Using an Ecu ...
Price/Single: $6.55-$6.80
Price/Box: $123.95-$128.95
The VegaFina 1998 cigar was created to celebrate the brand’s more than two decades of producing premium cigars. This anniversary ...
Price/Single: $8.20-$9.15
Price/Box: $77.40-$86.40
From one of the most sought-after cigar brands in Europe and the United States comes the VegaFina Fortaleza 2. It is expertly han ...
Price/Single: $6.50-$6.50
Price/Box: $122.95-$122.95
Each year, a very limited special edition of the popular VegaFina brand is released by Altadis in a Robusto size. Only 2500 boxes ...
Price/Single: $6.75-$6.75
Price/Box: $67.50-$67.50
VegaFina Sumum 2010 is a special edition cigar made with aged, hand selected tobaccos such as a 2-year-old Ecuadorian wrapper, a ...
Price/Single: $7.05-$7.05
Price/Box: $75.95-$83.95
Maya Selva has been immersed in the cigar industry in Honduras for over two decades, with a passion for the Honduran soil and the ...
Price/Single: $5.45-$6.30
Price/Box: $81.95-$110.95
The Villa Zamorano Reserva is a medium strength cigar that is hand rolled by Maya Selva Cigars in Honduras. Its natural Habano wr ...
Price/Single: $5.25-$6.20
Price/Box: $90.95-$131.95
The Villiger Cuellar Black Forest is a full-strength cigar that is handmade the Dominican Republic. Its oily Mexican San Andres m ...
Price/Single: $8.00-$8.00
Price/Box: $139.95-$150.95
Named after Diego Velazquez de Cuellar, a Spanish Conquistador who travelled to the New World with Christopher Columbus and later ...
Price/Single: $6.00-$7.00
Price/Box: $112.95-$131.95
Introduced in 2017, Villiger's La Flor de Ynclan wasted no time in garnering praise and awards from all around the industry. With ...
Price/Single: $9.90-$10.45
Price/Box: $242.95-$268.95
La Vencedora translates to 'The Victor', and that's exactly how you'll feel after smoking this new release from Villiger. As the ...
Price/Single: $8.10-$9.00
Price/Box: $190.95-$211.95
The name San’Doro comes from the Latin phrase, Indorum sang sancta, which translates to “Sacred healing plant from India.” It is ...
Price/Single: $8.15-$8.15
Price/Box: $142.95-$160.95
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