Dominican Republic Cigars

The Dominican Republic is the world's first producer of cigars. Most factories are located in Santiago, in the center of the island, and in close proximity to the tobacco fields grown in the fertile Cibao Valley. While tobacco and cigars have always traditionally been produced in the Dominican Republic, many Cuban cigar makers established in the Dominican Republic after the Cuban communist revolution, elevating the quality of Dominican cigars.
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Price/Single: $22.00-$22.00
Price/Box: $264.00-$264.00
Several years ago, José Seijas embarked on a mission: to hand-select and store only the highest grade Connecticut Shade wrapper a ...
Price/Single: $9.85-$13.45
Price/Box: $197.10-$269.10
One ad for Montecristo Platinum says this is one sexy cigar. We agree. The Montecristo Platinum is all about pleasure and satisfa ...
Price/Single: $6.25-$11.20
Price/Box: $123.50-$295.25
"The Montecristo of Montecristos is here." Impeccable construction and vintage tobaccos come together in the Montecristo White ci ...
Price/Single: $7.75-$13.05
Price/Box: $132.30-$352.35
The Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut is made with 100% USA Grown Connecticut Shade wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and Dominican ...
Price/Single: $10.50-$14.50
Price/Box: $210.00-$290.00
Nat Sherman is a family owned and operated cigar company that was founded in the 1930s in New York City. The Nat Sherman Timeless ...
Price/Single: $7.50-$8.75
Price/Box: $135.00-$171.00
Nub Cafe Cappuccino is the cigar to smoke when you are craving a Cappuccino. Handmade in the Dominican Republic and distributed b ...
Price/Single: $5.55-$5.55
Price/Box: $101.95-$101.95
Nub Cafe Espresso is the cigar to smoke when you are craving dark chocolate. Handmade in the Dominican Republic and distributed b ...
Price/Single: $5.55-$6.50
Price/Box: $101.95-$118.95
Nub Cafe Macchiato is the cigar to smoke when you are craving milk chocolate. Handmade in the Dominican Republic and distributed ...
Price/Single: $5.55-$5.55
Price/Box: $101.95-$101.95
Onyx was introduced in 1992 by Consolidated Cigar Co. (now Altadis USA).  These cigars are rich, box-pressed maduros with a lovel ...
Price/Single: $5.55-$6.35
Price/Box: $74.58-$98.95
Jaime Partagas created this brand in 1845. Cigar masters Ramón Cifuentes and Ramón Cifuentes, Jr. made Partagas the leading Cuban ...
Price/Single: $6.25-$7.65
Price/Box: $50.42-$115.50
Partagas 1845 cigars are the 2012 version of the traditional Partagas and the first time that this cigar is made with Ecuador Hab ...
Price/Single: $6.30-$7.20
Price/Box: $77.08-$94.84
The fantastic Partagas 1845 blend has been enhanced with higher primings tobacco, more ligero and extra barrel aging and fermenti ...
Price/Single: $6.95-$7.85
Price/Box: $99.75-$112.95
Benji Menendez is a true legend whose storied career in the premium cigar business spans more than 60 years. The 2009 limited rel ...
Price/Single: $9.45-$10.35
Price/Box: $124.15-$136.60
The highly rated Partagas Black Label cigar is a very dark, attractive cigar, yet dont let that fool you as it is also as creamy ...
Price/Single: $5.70-$7.50
Price/Box: $13.05-$120.04
Patoro Cigars are fine in flavor and rich in earthy, nutty and dark chocolate flavors. Made in Dominican Republic at the Augusto ...
Price/Single: $8.00-$12.00
Price/Box: $144.00-$216.00
Abraham Flores makes these cigars in his PDR factory in Santiago, Dominican Republic. The A Flores 1975 Serie Privada Habano is h ...
Price/Single: $8.80-$11.05
Price/Box: $208.95-$273.95
Quesada 40th Anniversary was launched in 2014 to celebrate Manuel Quesada's 40 years as a cigarmaker. The cigar features Mexican ...
Price/Single: $8.95-$9.95
Price/Box: $160.95-$178.95
Regius White Label, a follow up to Regius of London, is a medium to full bodied premium cigar handmade in the Dominican Republic ...
Price/Single: $7.76-$7.76
Price/Box: $173.95-$173.95
ROMEO is a welcome fuller bodied addition to the milder Romeo y Julieta 1875 line, one of the world’s best known and most highly ...
Price/Single: $7.80-$8.70
Price/Box: $20.15-$156.60
Romeo by Romeo Aging Room is the result of the collaboration of great minds in the cigar industry: Altadis' Grupo de Maestros and ...
Price/Single: $11.50-$12.50
Price/Box: $230.00-$250.00
In 1903 Pepin Rodriguez Fernandez, bought the "Romeo y Julieta" factory. Pepin worked hard to promote his enterprise and succeede ...
Price/Single: $5.70-$8.10
Price/Box: $9.45-$131.20
The Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve is a medium to full bodied smoke that uses Nicaraguan wrapper and binder, and a blend of Hondu ...
Price/Single: $5.25-$7.05
Price/Box: $16.55-$112.95
Cigar Aficionados have been enjoying a love affair with Romeo y Julieta cigars since 1875. With Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real, the ...
Price/Single: $5.50-$8.35
Price/Box: $16.55-$175.50
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