Dominican Republic Cigars

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The CAO Earth Nectar pays homage to Mother Earth and the rich soil of Italy's cherished Tuscany. An all-natural blend of toasted ...
Price/Single: $4.05-$4.05
Price/Box: $16.95-$16.95
Eileen's Dream is a combination of Irish cream and white chocolate truffles. The Irish cream is made from superior Irish whiskey, ...
Price/Single: $3.00-$6.20
Price/Box: $16.95-$80.68
Gold Honey distills the essence of the highest quality orange blossom honey from Florida. The floral honey is complimented with w ...
Price/Single: $4.05-$4.05
Price/Box: $16.95-$65.75
Moontrance is an intricate blend of natural exotic fruit and bourbon vanilla. Renowned for its caramel-like sweetness, bourbon va ...
Price/Single: $3.00-$6.20
Price/Box: $16.95-$80.68
The Casa de Garcia Connecticut cigars are made in the Dominican Republic with an aged blend of Honduran and Dominican fillers, al ...
Price/Single: $1.70-$3.50
Price/Box: $9.35-$75.95
Another great cigar of the Celebrity Series by Cusano. These are bundled cigars that look and taste like a major brand but sell f ...
Price/Single: $2.49-$2.99
Price/Box: $44.99-$53.95
Altadis USA has released the Cedar Room selection, a limited production of cigars that have been in their factory's aging room ca ...
Price/Single: $3.90-$3.90
Price/Box: $192.95-$192.95
During his second voyage to the New World in 1496, Christopher Columbus revisited western Hispaniola, which is now known as the D ...
Price/Single: $9.00-$27.00
Price/Box: $14.85-$281.75
Cohiba Black is the first line extension of the venerable Cohiba brand in five years. Cloaked in an eye-catching, solid mahogany ...
Price/Single: $12.15-$17.10
Price/Box: $16.65-$281.75
The Coronado is La Flor Dominicana's first line of cigars wrapped in Habano Sun-Grown Nicaraguan leaves. The filler is a blend of ...
Price/Single: $7.75-$9.20
Price/Box: $151.95-$176.95
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