Trinidad Habana Reserve

Trinidad Habana Reserve are made at the famous Flor de Copan factory in Honduras with the most rigorous quality control, Trinidad Habana Reserve is a top shelf cigar wrapped in a light brown Ecuadorian leaf. Medium bodied, it delivers a rich textured smoke, that is toasty and reminiscent of coffee.
Contains 5 Trinidad Habana Reserve Siglo VI cigars and a beautiful gold, black and white square ashtray that is 6" on each side and about 1" deep.
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About: Trinidad Reserve Siglo VI Sampler with Ashtray
At first the taste of this cigar is quite harsh, and the aroma is really strong, quite overwhelming. Later the taste really kicks in with some nice chocolate undertones that work very well. For the price this cigar is pretty good.
About: Trinidad Reserve Siglo VI Sampler with Ashtray
This smoke started really harsh, but gets seriously flavorful after awhile. The price for this one is amazing so I highly recommend for that reason alone.