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Casa Fernandez Maduro
This cigar is hand made in Nicaragua by Tabacalera Tropical, using Aganorsa leaf tobacco. An excellent Nicaraguan puro that is ful...

Price/Single: $7.00-$7.00
Price/Box: $49.95-$49.95
Casa Fernandez Miami
Casa Fernandez Miami is a 100% Nicaraguan Puro made with a variety of authentic Cuban seed tobacco and "AA" tobacco leaf from Agan...

Price/Single: $7.30-$8.75
Price/Box: $97.95-$119.50
Casa Miranda
Casa Miranda cigars are a departure release for the Nestor Miranda brand, as it marks their first ultra-boutique cigar in the mark...

Price/Single: $9.00-$9.90
Price/Box: $165.00-$181.50
Casa Miranda Chapter Two
Casa Miranda Chapter Two debuted at the IPCPR show in 2013. The brand is the follow up to Miami Cigar Company's Casa Miranda, a li...

Price/Single: $5.75-$6.85
Price/Box: $84.95-$101.95
Another great cigar of the Celebrity Series by Cusano. These are bundled cigars that look and taste like a major brand but sell fo...

Price/Single: $2.49-$2.99
Price/Box: $44.99-$53.95
Cedar Room Selection
Altadis USA has released the Cedar Room selection, a limited production of cigars that have been in their factory's aging room cal...

Price/Single: $3.90-$3.90
Price/Box: $192.95-$192.95
Chateau Real
Drew Estate created the Chateau Real cigars for the cigar connoisseur who craves refined premium cigars that are mild, nutt...

Price/Single: $7.70-$7.70
Price/Box: $46.95-$46.95
CLE Plus
The CLE Plus by Christian Eiroa is a full bodied version of CLE made with authentic Corojo tobacco. This Honduran puro is meant to...

Price/Single: $6.45-$9.15
Price/Box: $155.95-$223.95
During his second voyage to the New World in 1496, Christopher Columbus revisited western Hispaniola, which is now known as the Do...

Price/Single: $9.00-$33.35
Price/Box: $54.24-$281.75
Cohiba Black
Cohiba Black is the first line extension of the venerable Cohiba brand in five years. Cloaked in an eye-catching, so...

Price/Single: $12.15-$17.10
Price/Box: $54.24-$281.75
Coronado by La Flor
The Coronado is La Flor Dominicana's first line of cigars wrapped in Habano Sun-Grown Nicaraguan leaves. The filler is a blend of ...

Price/Single: $7.75-$9.20
Price/Box: $151.95-$176.95
Cuba Aliados Cabinet Selection
The Cabinet Selection from Cuba Aliados Cigars was launched in 2011 by the Reyes Family who proudly announces this cigar as the fi...

Price/Single: $5.40-$6.30
Price/Box: $54.95-$111.95
Cuba Aliados Maduro
The Cuba Aliados Maduro is made by the Reyes Family in Honduras with a Nicaraguan maduro wrapper, an Ecuador Sumatra binder and fi...

Price/Single: $6.00-$6.00
Price/Box: $50.95-$50.95
Cuba Aliados Miami
The Cuba Aliados brand was created in Cuba by Rolando Reyes Sr., a living legend in the cigar industry due to more than 70 ye...

Price/Single: $6.30-$8.10
Price/Box: $99.95-$119.95
Cuesta Rey Centro Fino Sungrown
Cuesta Rey has been a world famous brand for more than 200 years. The Cuesta Rey Centro Fino is made today by the A. Fuente family...

Price/Single: $5.50-$7.45
Price/Box: $44.95-$99.95
Cusano 18
The Cusano 18 breaks from the traditional wrapper-binder-filler configuration by using two wrapper leaves and filler instead. The ...

Price/Single: $5.40-$6.35
Price/Box: $53.95-$153.95
Cusano 18 Paired Maduro
As it's predecessor, the Cusano 18, the Paired Maduro breaks from the traditional wrapper-binder-filler configuration by usin...

Price/Single: $5.40-$6.35
Price/Box: $96.95-$113.95
Cuvee Blanc
Cuvee Blanc cigars are the top of the line of the Dominican cigar makers for Cusano Cigars. Nutty, mild and creamy, Cuvee Blanc ci...

Price/Single: $8.15-$8.15
Price/Box: $89.95-$89.95
CyB by Joya de Nicaragua
CyB by Joya de Nicaragua (formerly Cuenca y Blanco) cigars are made by two veterans in the cigar industry, Dr. Martinez Cuenca and...

Price/Single: $7.55-$9.40
Price/Box: $149.95-$177.95
Davidoff Cigarillos
Davidoff Cigarillos were introduced in 1972 by Davidoff of Geneva. These little cigars are machine made in Denmark with a Sumatra ...

Price/Box: $14.95-$118.95
Diamond Crown

Price/Single: $12.05-$19.45
Price/Box: $162.95-$261.95
Diamond Crown Julius Caeser
Diamond Crown Julius Caeser is an exquisite cigar launched on the 135th anniversary of JC Newman's founder's birthday, Julius Caes...

Price/Single: $11.25-$13.75
Price/Box: $201.95-$246.95
Diamond Crown Maduro

Price/Single: $12.25-$19.45
Price/Box: $164.95-$261.95
Diamond Crown Maximus
The Diamond Crown Maximus cigar was released in 2003 as a fuller-bodied version to the original Diamond Crown. The JC Newman ...

Price/Single: $12.45-$12.45
Price/Box: $223.95-$223.95
Don Diego
Don Diego cigars are made in the Dominican Republic by ALTADIS and is a brand that has been around for over 40 years. They are mad...

Price/Single: $2.35-$7.20
Price/Box: $84.95-$131.95
Don Lino Dominican Republic
The Don Lino brand was launched in 1989 by Miami Cigar Co. and immediately became successful. A mild, smooth, velvety cigar made w...

Price/Single: $5.45-$6.30
Price/Box: $106.43-$121.12
Don Pepin Garcia Black Edition
Handmade in Nicaragua at the Tabacalera Cubana factory headed by legendary cigar maker Jose "Pepin" Garcia, this cigar landed a sp...

Price/Single: $6.60-$8.05
Price/Box: $123.99-$151.95
Don Pepin Garcia Blue Edition
Don Pepin Garcia Blue edition are handmade in Miami, Florida at the Rey de los Habanos factory in Little Havana. Under the ...

Price/Single: $7.20-$7.60
Price/Box: $161.95-$169.95
Don Tomas Clasico
Don Tomas classico is one of the oldest names in cigars emanating from Honduras. True to its origin, Don Tomas classico is rich in...

Price/Single: $4.40-$4.40
Price/Box: $70.85-$70.85
Dunhill Signed Range
The Dunhill cigar business was founded in London in 1907, and became famous for purveying tobacco to society figures and members o...

Price/Single: $9.55-$12.30
Price/Box: $174.95-$218.95
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